Monday, 22 August 2011

Dux Bellorum: Getting ready to submit the game to the publisher!

Well, I'm almost there, and if I drank coffee I'd be necking it over the next month or so. I have a deadline for the start of October to submit the final rules, plus artwork, plus photos, plus list of proposed colour plates for Osprey Publishing to use. Then they can start production on the publication of Dux Bellorum. Back in April I added a blog comment that I'd just sent the final draft of the game off to the playtest group, who are based all around the world, and that I was awaiting final comments to tweak into the game as necessary.

Since then I've been busy playing out more unusual rule situations, checking my rule wording, getting others to check my rule wording (hey, I know what I mean already!), asborbing last minute comments and input from newcomers to the playtests, and drawing up explanatory diagrams for the illustrator to work from.

I've also been compiling my dream list of Osprey colour artwork to include in the book, and badgering various chums and miniatures manufacturers to supply superb photos for the book. I'm hoping to turn it into a bit of a catalogue of the best Dark Ages miniatures out there. Expect heavy input from Gripping Beast (publishers of the skirmish game Saga) and further great photos from James Morris of Age of Arthur fame, among others. Even some of my collection will be gracing the pages of Dux Bellorum, although I think I might chose a soft focus and hazy lighting looking at some of the great brushwork donated by other painters!

I have just over a month until I submit the files to the publisher. After that, I'll have their queries to answer, the proofs to check over, the last minute panics and nail-biting that goes on behind the scenes on every project, ever. And then hopefully we'll see publication in July 2012.

After that, I'll just have the myriad of easy-to-answer and impossible-to-answer queries from players, most of which I hope will appear on BGG as it's a great environment to chat to players and designers alike.

Yeah, it's all so simple and easy really, what am I worrying about?!?