Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dux Bellorum: Making two 28mm armies for £40

Or less than £53 if you buy the rule book too. Although the Dux Bellorum rules are noted as running up to AD793, there’s no reason why you can’t push that date a little further . . . especially if you can create a Later Saxon and (Viking) Sea Raider army from just two boxes of Gripping Beast's superb plastic figures. For around £50, players can get the two boxes (88 miniatures) plus the game book, which gives you enough goodies to make two standard 32-point armies. More details on the Gripping Beast minis here:

Place your units on 80mm x 40mm bases. Here’s how to use the contents of those two boxes, with 6 spare Vikings added to the Saxon army to boost their numbers (there are enough Saxon heads to make this work well):

GBP01: Viking Hirdmen
Army list: Sea Raiders
Aggressor Rating: +5
Leadership Points: 8 (costing 4 points)
1 Foot Companions with leader @ 5 points (6 minis)
4 Noble Warriors @ 5 points each (24 minis)
1 Ordinary Warriors @ 3 points (6 minis)

GBP02: Saxon Thegns
Army list: Late era Saxons
Aggressor Rating: +3
Leadership Points: 6
1 Foot Companions with Leader @ 5 points (8 minis, including the standard bearers)
3 Noble Shieldwall @ 5 points each (24 minis)
3 Ordinary Shieldwall @ 3 points each (only use 6 minis per base to show they’re Ordinary, so 18 minis)
Special rule: Loyal (costing 3 points): 1 Noble unit has +1 Bravery.

And of course once you've got them glued together and based up, you can use these units for other small army sized, element-based games such as De Bellis AntiquitatisBasic Impetus, and Armati/Armati II. If you choose to base individually and temporarily base them for Dux Bellorum, your Saxons and Vikings can be used for Gripping Beast's own Saga rules too. Over the years I've discovered that a nice collection of miniatures gives you the opportunity for trying out all sorts of wargames.

So now you just need to get gluing. . .