Monday, 23 April 2012

I was a child King Arthur!

Ah, what a cute kid. I found this photo  and newspaper article when sorting through some publishing contracts the other day, I don't have a clue how it had ended up there.

This is how I got started on the whole Arthurian vibe. May Day in 19-dot-dot-dot (1981 or 1982, I think). I was forced to 'star' as Arthur at the school fair but the photo makes it look like I enjoyed at least some of it. I had a long line of knights to 'dub', and some of that guard of honour are still chums today. Older. Fatter. Balder. Less able to kneel. But still my knights...

Maybe we should re-enact it on May Day of this year, a shocking thirty-odd years later.

Nice of my Mum and Dad to keep the press cutting over the decades; some of my more recent reviews have been less favourable, and the photos published have been less cherubic.