Friday, 26 August 2011

New edition of Song of Arthur & Merlin

Busy busy! Alongside preparing the final draft of Dux Bellorum, I've just approved the final proofs of the new edition of Song of Arthur and Merlin. It's all go at Chateau Mersey right now.

The new edition of SAM is a standalone version of the game so no longer requires ownership of the Song of Blades and Heroescore rulebook or any other supplements. In addition to clarifying or streamlining a few of the original rules, I've added an extra two scenarios, and with all of the rules in place, this really feels like a good, complete package.

The new edition should be avilable from the Ganesha Games website next week, in both pdf and printed formats. Ganesha are a really good company to work with, and publisher Andrea Sfiligoi is one of the hobby's good guys. He operates a policy of free updates for life, so if you have already purchased a copy of SAM, I believe you can contact him with proof of purchase (a Paypal receipt) and he'll send the new edition to you. Neither of us are in this for great profit.

I'm hoping to upload a little taster of the rulebook, along with a playsheet, to SAM's entry very soon, so check back to find out when its up.

As a little curiosity, I've started up a poll to find out which version of Arthurian gaming Song of Blades & Heroes players prefer. You can find it here, so get yourself along and vote for whichever setting is your favourite. Mine's the Welsh King.