Sunday, 29 April 2012

Song of Arthur and Merlin official paper minis

Back in 2009, Ganesha Games and One Monk worked together to create some 'official' paper 28mm miniatures for Song of Arthur and Merlin. The idea was that if you didn't fancy the cost or have the skill to paint up some metal or plastic miniatures you could print these paper ones out, trim and fold them, and have your armies ready super fast.

I think that One Monk might have closed down for a while, but they're back again now and the knights are being sold without the Ganesha branding (now they're just 'Camelot'). You can take a look here and at under $4 a file they seem pretty good value: One Monk Arthurians

They still look fine to me. They used to have a funky little Song of Arthur and Merlin logo with them, which looked rather nice.