Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dux Bellorum update

Well, I’ve now approved the final cover of Dux Bellorum; up until yesterday I’d only seen the front cover rather than the full spec, so seeing the whole thing was really satisfying – it feels just like a book's coming together. Which of course it is!

I returned my final, minor corrections to the interior of the book a short while ago, so it’s all go with the printing now, ready for release as advertised. I’m pleased that both author and publisher have kept on schedule, from my own experience on both sides of the fence I know this isn’t always the case.

I’ve seen a short piece in this month’s Wargames Illustrated advertising the book, plus a brief news item in Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy and some excitement from Neil Shuck in Battlegames a couple of months back. I’ve been busy being interviewed by or writing articles for some of the English-language wargames magazines, which hopefully means that my waffling is interesting enough to publish and that you’ll be able to read all about Dux Bellorum in the next couple of months. Honestly, you’ll be fed up of me very soon.

Other than that, we still look to be on for an August release date. Buy a copy now! No, hang on, by two copies now: one for ‘best’ and one for the gaming table. Links to the usual online shops can be found at the top right of the page, but if you have a local games shop or book shop, please get yourself down there and order from them – these splendid establishments need our support at the moment, otherwise they’ll end up as fond memories and nothing more.