Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Scottorum Malleus – what’s all this then?

A few people have asked for more details about this game, an early draft of which has been out with a limited number of (un?)fortunate playtesters for the last month or two.

These rules have been designed for battles involving Feudal English armies and their enemies at home and abroad. They’ll cover the period from (roughly) AD 1100 to AD 1300 and focus on battles involving Welsh, Irish, and Scottish medieval armies against those of England. Inevitably, I’m starting to stretch the period covered to include the Hundred Years War and Wars of the Roses, and also other Western European armies, but the core rules will best reflect the earlier period in Britain.

At the present time, development is on hold as I’m writing a different project first, but I hope to return to the game later this year. The morale system still needs some work as units currently tend to die too quickly or not quickly enough; other than that, most of the basics are in place. The game will be as simple to pick up as Dux Bellorum.

There’s no publisher planned just yet, so don’t go reading much into who’s publishing my other games. I want to ensure that I have a solid system in place – and a system that does something different to rules already on offer – before I think about the best way to get the game distributed. I wouldn’t expect any solid news for at least another year.

In case you’ve not worked it out, the title means ‘Hammer of the Scots’, which really hasn’t happened in the games I’ve played so far.