Sunday, 6 May 2012

Song of Arthur and Merlin Vignette #2: The Mysterious Knight

Sir Tristam is revealed as the mysterious knight
The aim of SAM vignettes is to provide an extra little twist to scenarios, bringing more of an Arthurian theme to your games and providing more variety. They can of course be used for other SBH settings without much modification. Click on the label ‘SAM vignette’ to find more.

  • Setting suitability: Medieval: High; Welsh: Low; Historical: Low.
  • Scenario requirement: Use in any scenario where there’s no instruction that another terrain piece must be placed at the table’s centre.
  • Items needed: Place a model of a knight, his tent, and any camp pieces you have onto a clearly defined base (an old ‘East 17’ CD makes quite a good base…). Ideally your camp will have a footprint no larger than Medium x Medium measuring sticks.

Place the mysterious knight’s camp in the centre of your table. The knight is owned by neither player at the beginning of the game, and only activates when a player moves a model into his camp. When your model moves into the camp, the knight reveals his true identity and allegiance in this scenario:

1: A Renowned Knight who sides with your opponent!
2-3: A Lesser Knight who sides with your opponent!
4: A Lesser Knight who sides with you!
5-6: A Renowned Knight who sides with you!

After allegiance is revealed, the mysterious knight can be activated just like any other model on the owner’s warband; he always counts as a dismounted model. If he is defeated, his points count towards victory conditions as usual. The model first moving into the knight’s camp gains +/-1 Chivalry if you use this rule (owning players choice as to +/-).

After the knight’s allegiance is decided, all models may move through the camp using the standard movement rules. The mysterious knight will never remain with the warband after this battle.