Saturday, 12 May 2012

Song of Arthur and Merlin Vignette #3: The Faerie Grove

The aim of SAM vignettes is to provide an extra little twist to scenarios, bringing more of an Arthurian theme to your games and providing more variety. They can of course be used for other SBH settings without much modification. Click on the label ‘SAM vignette’ to find more.

  • Setting suitability: Medieval: High; Welsh: High; Historical: Low.
  • Scenario requirement: Use in any scenario where there’s no instruction that another terrain piece must be placed at the table’s centre.
  • Items needed: A few trees/small wood to form a grove of trees. Ideally your grove will have a footprint no larger than Medium x Medium measuring sticks, although an old ‘Brother Beyond’ CD makes quite a good base! Although you don’t need any faeries on the board, a few nice models exist (mine are old Runequest miniatures).
Place the grove in the centre of your table; it blocks line of sight and may be moved around just like any other terrain piece. Only one model at a time may occupy the grove, and may not interact in any way with models outside (so no shooting, combat, special rules, etc). A model may enter the grove from any side.

Woodland faeries are tricksy little folk. The first model to enter the grove in the game has a trick played on them by the faeries (any actions not yet used are lost for this turn); roll one die and consult the table to find out what it is:

1-2 Lie your sleepy head down: The faeries cast a spell that sends your model to sleep. To awaken, your model must roll three successes for actions, using the third to make one move out of the grove. While asleep, the model does not count as a casualty.
3-4 A trick! The faeries magically swap your model’s stats and skills with a randomly chosen model on your opponent’s warband (dice for which model). Swap models positions immediately, and use your opponent’s model (and stats) for the rest of the game.
5-6 A blessing: The faeries wish you luck for the rest of your encounter. Once in the game, this model may add or subtract 1 from the result of one rolled dice for it (not for any other model). You may declare you're being lucky after seeing the number rolled.

The effect of the faeries’ trick lasts until the scenario ends; it has no lasting effect beyond this game. Once a model has been tricked, it must leave the grove on its next successful action, and no other models may enter the grove for the rest of the game – it becomes impassable terrain. Any models recoiling into the grove are captured by the faeries, never to be seen again – they count as casualties for victory points.