Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dux Bellorum arrives on my doorstep

I returned home from a nice vacation to find an envelope from Osprey. Opening it up I found ...


This (one) copy is an advance shipped by the printer before the main shipment comes in ahead of publication in August. I've only had a quick flick but am very pleased with what I'm seeing. Apologies for the slightly dodgy photos I've posted, but I took these in a rush.

Returning from vacation is usually a universally miserable affair but this time I have a smile on my face. This printed book is the final stage of a writing process that I've been working on over many years, and especially in the last couple. Getting a printed and bound copy of any book I've written is always an absolutely fantastic feeling and Dux Bellorum is no exception.

While I'm posting about Dux Bellorum, I thought this seemed a good moment to share a couple of spreads from the book. These pages explain Leadership Points and describe a couple of sample armies. Enjoy.