Monday, 18 June 2012

Myths and Legends: King Arthur

I've mentioned elsewhere that I'm beavering away on a new book project at the moment. For most of my writing projects I like to hold off from giving out too many details until the publisher announces the book (which is usually some time well after I've started writing it). Sometimes projects fall through, other times the scope changes, and sometimes, well, it's just best kept a secret isn't it? But last week, the publisher of my new book announced the series that it will be part of, so I'll share the news here too.

Joe McCullough posted on the Osprey blog earlier this week about Osprey Adventures. In the Myths and Legends series, he mentions King Arthur and yes, that will be my book thank you very much. It's not one of the initial three titles - I've been busy on other projects recently - but Myths and Legends: King Arthur is pencilled in for the second half of 2013. More news will of course appear here when I have it.

Rest assured I will not be looking to propose any of the 'Nazi Occult'-type titles featured in the wider Osprey Adventures series, unless Osprey are after a book about Illinois Nazis. Erm, probably best if I clarify that this is a reference to the movie The Blues Brothers. Just. In. Case.

Anyway, Joe says:

Osprey Adventures is a brand new offshoot of Osprey Publishing.  Coming in 2013, it will explore the murky world where history and fantasy come together, through the release of two series of books. The new Myths and Legends series examines the great stories that have echoed down through time and have helped to shape our cultures.  Each title in the series focuses on a specific legendary figure, such as King Arthur, or upon a collection of myths, such as dragonslayers, and presents their stories in a straight forward and entertaining style.  Alongside the narrative is factual information about the history behind the stories and how those legends developed and changed over time.  The books will also include Osprey’s usual high illustrative content, with plenty of photos and artworks, both classic works and newly commissioned plates.