Friday, 8 June 2012

Other people's projects

It's always nice to see someone else using and enjoying a game I've created. It doesn't happen often enough, believe me! But today, I have news from a couple of very talented correspondents:

  • For Scottorum Malleus, my draft medieval rules, Dalauppror has been hard at work testing the rules once again; you can view his latest report here. Scottorum Malleus is currently the project I'll be moving on to when my current (non-gaming) project wraps up later this year - unless one of the others jumps ahead of it. 
  • For Song of Arthur and Merlin, Mr Hotspur is working equally hard (I like to see people grafting...)! He's producing SAM warbands in 10mm at a rate of knots, and is painting up some quite stunning miniatures. Honestly, they are 10mm but you won't believe that when you first take a gander at his collection. Check it out here, and find out more about his other SAM projects here

As part of a gaming cultural exchange, I've been trying out Mr Hotspur's own Irregular Wars rules with chum Wakmaggot - his write up of this rather spiffing game is here.