Monday, 4 June 2012

Song of Arthur and Merlin Vignette #4: The Hermit

Sir Bellinor and Sir Marhaus fight
... it'll end badly for one of them

The aim of SAM vignettes is to provide an extra little twist to scenarios, bringing more of an Arthurian theme to your games and providing more variety. They can of course be used for other SBH settings without much modification. Click on the label ‘SAM vignette’ to find more.

  • Setting suitability: Medieval: High; Welsh: High; Historical: Low.
  • Scenario requirement: None.
  • Items needed: None (model of a hermit is optional).

Sir Bellinor is down and here comes
the hermit!
Little do the warbands know that this battle takes place close to where an old yet magically powerful hermit lives in a cave. The body of the first non-Animal model to be killed in the game is whisked away by the hermit, unnoticed by the other warriors as the skirmish progresses.

The player owning that model must then choose one of two outcomes:
  1. The model plays no further part in this scenario, but is returned fully fit to the warband in time for the next game (same as rolling three successes on the Survival Table).
  2. The model is quickly healed and returns to the battle from a random table edge 3-8 turns after being 'killed' (1d6+2), but with its Quality weakened by 1 point. The model counts as killed until its return, but this is cancelled out when the model returns to play. The model's Q will return to normal for the next game, as the wound will have healed properly.
The hermit will only treat one model in a game.

Use this vignette only once in a while – despite what you might read in the legends, Britain’s countryside never witnessed queues of hermits racing to save knights.