Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dux Bellorum and Glutter of Ravens: what’s the difference?

As Glutter of Ravens is mentioned in Osprey's promotional copy for my new game (Dux Bellorum), I’ve had a few queries from people asking how the games are linked. Here’s some info I sent out to the curious a while back:

Armies are formed of a similar number of units to GoR and units are still rated for attack/defence/strength, although now only the strength value changes during the game. There are still a limited number of troop types (Companions, Warriors, Shieldwall, Riders, Skirmishers), and leadership still plays a big part in the rules – players basically allocate leadership 'modifiers' to units of their choice each turn. I think this represents Dark Ages battles nicely.

I've cut out record keeping beyond the basics (strength is now tracked using mini dice or counters placed with units), and I've made the game more scalable in terms of number of figures/size of bases.

Dux Bellorum is a pretty different game to the original GoR, but I'm hoping I've kept the feel of the original. It's 14 years since GoR was published and I've learned a lot about developing games in that time, so hopefully the new rules combined with Osprey's packaging will make this a nice game to own.

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