Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dux Bellorum at Historicon

According to the Osprey blog, there will be demo games of Dux Bellorum at Historicon this weekend and a limited number of copies available for purchase (a month ahead of general release). Here's what they say (there are one or two errors ... for example, it's not a skirmish game, and is not by DAVID Mersey!): Dux Bellorum by David Mersey brings Arthurian skirmish combat to your minis table. If you’ve played Mersey’s A Glutter of Ravens, you’ll find this is in essence a streamlined 2nd edition of that game designed for faster play & easier interpretation. Though it releases August 21st, we’ll have a limited supply for purchase at Historicon. Please stop by the Osprey booth for a demo battle of Romano-British vs. Saxons at the Tree of Woe. Anyway, you can read more here. If you see the game at Historicon, or play it, let me know how it goes. Photos would be even better!