Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dux Bellorum in Battlegames magazine

Battlegames 30 publishes this month, and inside you'll be able to read my article about Dux Bellorum. This one is an overview of the game's mechanisms, the beauty of period-specific rules, and the thought process behind my game's design ... all of which I hope makes for interesting reading.

I've been a contributor and subscriber to Battlegames since issue 1 (Battle of Maldon, no less) and every issue contains well written opinion pieces with an emphasis on gaming. Editor Henry Hyde does a great job of promoting our hobby.

Here's what Henry has to say about my article:

The Osprey swoops
Dark Ages supremo Dan Mersey explains how and why he wrote his forthcoming new rules, Dux Bellorum, giving an in-depth insight into the guidelines he uses to produce a set of rules. This piece is also accompanied by a some gorgeous photos of Steve Jones' magnificent Dark Ages armies AND we have exclusive stats (not included in the Osprey book) for the man the age is named after, Arthur himself. Luvverly!

All I shall add to Henry's write up is that Steve Jones' armies are indeed magnificent and you can find out more about his projects at his own blog.