Friday, 6 July 2012

Song of Arthur and Merlin Vignette #5: The Giant

Grenadier giant faces Gripping Beast Heroes
The aim of SAM vignettes is to provide an extra little twist to scenarios, bringing more of an Arthurian theme to your games and providing more variety. They can of course be used for other SBH settings without much modification. Click on the label ‘SAM vignette’ to find more.

  • Setting suitability: Medieval: High; Welsh: High; Historical: Low.
  • Scenario requirement: None.
  • Items needed: A model of a giant (or ogre or similar)
The warbands unknowingly meet in an area terrorised by a giant (SAM page 24, although make him slightly weaker if you wish). In Arthurian legend, Cornwall is sometimes referred to as just such a land. The giant will arrive on the table in a random turn and will lash out at his closest enemy (models from both sides count as his enemies).

At the end of every turn from turn 2 onwards (after both sides have completed their activations), roll one dice. If a 6 is rolled, the giant arrives and is none too happy about these intruders in his realm. The giant is placed at the centre of a randomised table edge (nominate all edges 1-4, and then each player’s baseline 5 and 6) and will be activated from the end of the following turn onwards until he is taken out of the game.

After both sides have completed their activation for the turn, the giant will be activated. He will move towards the closest model, regardless of whose warband they are on, and if possible will attack that model. If two models are exactly equidistant from the giant, dice to see which he moves towards.

If the giant is killed, the model’s owning player gets no further victory points, but the model that kills the giant may choose to give that model ‘Lethal (giants)’ at the end of the game; this will increase the model’s cost accordingly.