Saturday, 28 July 2012

Song of Arthur and Merlin Vignette #6: The Champion’s Challenge

The aim of SAM vignettes is to provide an extra little twist to scenarios, bringing more of an Arthurian theme to your games and providing more variety. They can of course be used for other SBH settings without much modification. Click on the label ‘SAM vignette’ to find more.

·         Setting suitability: Medieval: High; Welsh: High; Historical: High.
·         Scenario requirement: None
·         Items needed: None

At the start of any SAM scenario, either player may challenge his opponent to a one-on-one duel before either side places its models on the table. To do so, the player declares a challenge (feel free to use oaths or declarations of cowardice…) and nominates any one of his models to fight for him, telling his opponent what the model is and revealing that model’s stats. The opponent may choose to accept or refuse the challenge at this point:
  • Accept: The player accepting the challenge chooses a model to fight with and tells his opponent what it is and what its stats are. Both players place their models on or near the centre of the table, in open ground, one Long move from each other. If one model is missile-armed or a magic-user and the other not, the missile-armed/magic-user model has the initiative; otherwise dice for initiative. Fight out a one-versus-one battle until one model has been killed. The player who wins the challenge is granted two re-rolls during this scenario. No other models may enter the table until the challenge has been won, and turns taken to fight the challenge do not count towards the overall number of turns played if relevant to the scenario. Morale tests resulting from the death are ignored.
  • Refuse: The refusal might not be allowed! Both players roll one dice, and if they score the same number, the challenge must be accepted as a hot-headed warrior chooses to step forward (read the section above if the challenge is accepted). Any other result means that the challenge remains refused, allowing your opponent one re-roll of the dice during this scenario due to the shame bestowed upon your cowardly warband! Proceed as usual with the scenario.
Once the challenge is completed, with one model dead, both players deploy the rest of their models as usual for the scenario. The victor of the challenge begins the game on the spot he won the challenge at.

Re-rolls: One re-roll means that the player may look at the dice he’s just rolled and elect to re-roll any number of them once. The new result must be kept. Two re-rolls means that the player may do this twice in the scenario, but may not re-roll a re-roll!