Monday, 6 August 2012

Dux Bellorum: Playing through a game turn (End of the turn)

And finally...

Now that all of the close combat has been fought, the turn draws to a close. There’s a small amount of record keeping at this point, and in later turns of the game, once casualties begin to mount, Morale tests will need to be made to see if either side has had enough and routs from the battlefield.

First of all, if either side has lost any units in this turn, they need to lose an LP for each for the remainder of the game: so Oswald loses 1 LP and Urien loses 1 LP too. This means for Turn 4 onwards, their LPs per turn are 6 (Oswald) and 5 + 2 (Urien and the Monks). If either player had any LPs left on the table, these are collected up now, ready for the next turn; Oswald has 1 spare LP to collect from his Shieldwall that fought Urien’s Companions. Players also count up their casualties – if they've lost 50% or more of their starting units (not including Skirmishers) the remaining units need to make a Morale test based on individual units’ Bravery, and if 75% of their starting units are lost, the remaining units automatically rout and the battle is lost.

As the next few turns progress, despite the combat results of this round, the smaller army of Rheged might well hit those magic 50% and 75% totals first – it doesn’t take much for a small army to suffer a significant reverse in Dux Bellorum. But let’s not write Urien off quite so early in the game!