Monday, 27 August 2012

I've sold out

Or at least that's what people keep telling me. But not in their usual despairingly aggressive way.

According to the Osprey newsletter:

Osprey Wargames has been selling fast! In fact, Osprey Wargames 1: Dux Bellorum has sold out! But you'll be pleased to know that it will be back in stock in a week! 

One week after the official publication date, I'd say that's pretty good going. No, I don't know the print run - it's dangerous for an author to start wondering about such things, therein lies vanity and checking Amazon sales rankings - but I am very confident that Osprey will have done their research beforehand to produce a decent litho print run that matches their sales expectations. And Dux Bellorum seems to have achieved that sooner than expected, which is very exciting.

If you've purchased a copy, thanks very much and I hope you enjoy the game (and may I interest you in some of my other books?!? One or two are yet to hit double figures in sales). If you've not purchased a copy yet, redemption lies in a trip to your local bookshop.