Sunday, 19 August 2012


A few quick updates following a period of relative silence (writing has stepped up on notch on a couple of other projects... picture at the bottom gives you a big hint).

Dalauppror's Britons. Photo copied from
his excellent blog.
First up, chum Dalauppror has published some comments after his first game of Dux Bellorum (he received a review copy, as did a couple of other bloggers who I hope we'll hear from soon). You can find his initial write up here.

While you're over at his blog, check out his cracking Romano-British army too: here. Here's a quick peek...

Elsewhere, I learn from Historian on the Edge that Dux Bellorum has been reviewed in Miniature Wargames magazine and that I have received an academic promotion way beyond my intelligence. When you've finished reading that, check out another of his entries (here) ... a blog well worth reading and one that I enjoy very much. Anyway, once I've tracked down a copy of Miniature Wargames myself, I'll know more about the review but in the mean time, check it out for yourself.

There's more Dux Bellorum 'Happiness in Magazines' coming up in the next month or so. Wargames Soldiers & Strategy 62 will publish Steve Jones' Dux Bellorum write up and a very interesting sounding scenario. When Steve's involved, you know there will be stop top notch painting on show also.

Wargames Illustrated looks likely to publish an interview with me about Dux Bellorum in issue 299 (September), and in issue 300 you should be able to read all about my mismanagement of Saxon forces in James Morris' Dark Ages mega game we played up in Nottingham in February. My first appearance in WI was in issue 100 ... how did those other 200 issues publish so quickly?!?

Hog roast anyone?
Right, that's about it for now. One other thing: Dux Bellorum officially publishes tomorrow, although I know a lot of gamers have got hold of copies early either through Amazon or games shops.

Now back to writing about Arthur...