Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Today, I'm doing your Dux Bellorum research for you

For the past year and a bit I’ve written up various aspects of my forthcoming Arthurian wargame, Dux Bellorum, to give readers a bit of an insight firstly into the way the game works and the ideas behind it, but also to show how a game develops during the writing process. Now that the game’s release is almost upon us – 20 August since you ask – I thought I’d write up this blog entry as a handy reference to the key bits of info I’ve posted in the past both on this blog and my older one, Dux Blogorum (yeah, it seemed a good name at the time).

It’s worth noting that some minor design aspects of the game might have changed since I wrote the older entries, as you might expect when a game is in development, but not so much that it seems worth rewriting them now. You might also find some inconsistency in terminology, again as I hope you can forgive me for over the space of a year or more. But I feel that all entries provided below are useful background to the game that will finally publish this month.

There’s nothing new in the list below, I’m just using this one blog entry to act as a convenient rallying point for would-be buyers. Feel free to ask any questions at the end of this post, and I’ll try to answer!

Rules explanation and design notes
Posts about armies
After action reports