Sunday, 9 September 2012

Dux Bellorum armies: Picts and Late Romans

These two photos show 15mm Dux Bellorum armies based on 40mm wide bases, making it playable with armies you may already own for games such as DBA. This allows you to play a decent game of Dux Bellorum on a small sized table and without the usual headaches of storing loads of figures.

The Late Romans are Essex Miniatures (I quite like their Romans) and the Picts are Feudal Castings, representing a Pictish army from the end of the Dux Bellorum period (they’re also used as my Pre-Feudal Scots in other games). In game terms, both add up to 29 point armies (if my maths isn’t too dodgy today), leaving 3 points to purchase Leadership Points or strategies & tactics with.

I wrote up brief overviews of Dux Bellorum armies a while back, and this seems like a good place to repeat the Pict and Roman entries…
The Picts can be a very simple or pretty complex army to field. At their simplest, you have a large army of predominantly Ordinary Warriors or Shieldwall, which should be straightforward to lead into battle. Mixing things up a bit, you can also field one of the trickier armies to play as or against in Dux Bellorum, by taking the maximum number of Skirmishers (both on foot and mounted). A skirmishing army is only likely to win once you’ve played enough games to figure out the best way to use them and LPs combined … and if you do manage that elusive win, it will be twice as rewarding.
Late Romans
The Late Romans will attract players who like heavy cavalry, as they are able to field the game’s one and only cataphract unit. Aside from that, there’s a decent mix of Riders and Shieldwall. The Late Romans have a little bit of everything (except for Warriors), and as such are easier to play once you’ve worked out the best way to use the different troop types. I’d say that a Late Roman army is quite hard to beat, but tends to grind out victories rather than winning you a fast and furious battle. History being what it is, Late Roman armies are limited to the earlier era of the game.