Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dux Bellorum armies: Welsh

My Welsh are 28mm Gripping Beast figures. I think these are superb sculpts, and even an untrained paint monkey such as myself can achieve reasonable results with them. My 28mm figures are based individually so that they can be used for skirmish games, or placed onto unit bases for use in Dux Bellorum, as shown in two of these photos.

The shields are not my own work. As if you hadn't guessed that. They’re Little Big Man Studios transfers, which set the final figures off very nicely indeed.

Here’s a little portrait I painted of Welsh armies in Dux Bellorum a while back:
The Welsh are one of the two armies I’d recommend to a beginner. This is because they have a respectable number of nobles, and a significant number of their units can be fielded as Riders, Warriors, or Shieldwall – meaning you have quite wide flexibility when choosing which units to recruit. Your foot units can be fielded as Warriors in one game and Shieldwall in the next, to give you a variety of playing styles for the cost of just one army. They can also be fielded in any of the three eras of the game, so maximise the number of opponents to battle against.