Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dux Bellorum QRS & Army Rosters

I've been bombarded with people asking for the Dux Bellorum QR Sheet and Army Roster to be put online as electronic files. But of course it's nice to know that people actually want to play the game!

Osprey have very kindly created these files for us all to use, and they will be posting them onto their own website soon. But as a reader of my blog, you can also download them from this link:

Dux Bellorum quick reference sheet
Dux Bellorum army roster

In case you're wondering why I've not just posted them directly onto my blog, well that's just a simple case of technology defeating humankind once again: I cannot see an option for posting pdfs here (images yes, pdfs no). It's sort of like Terminator, but on a smaller scale and with less explosions.

Permission is granted to reproduce these files for personal use ... if anybody was genuinely crazy enough to try to use these for profit, well, I'd eat my writer's hat.