Friday, 19 October 2012

Glutter of Ravens reviews

“He glutted black ravens on the wall of the fort although he was no Arthur”

One of my goals on merseybooks is to pull together links to reviews of the games and books I’ve written. Yeah, they’re out there on the web, but why not provide one link to the ones I’ve found – saves you the trouble, eh?

This time its Glutter of Ravens, my first wargame to be published way back in the last century.
  • The Boardgamegeek entry is a pretty extensive review, and you can get involved with rules queries and gaming ideas: check it out here.  
  • Freak Debris provided the following review.
  • John Acar wrote this review back in 2004. 
  • Guy Halsall includes Glutter of Ravens in his superb series on wargaming the period; originally published in Wargames Illustrated but now available here.  
You can buy a copy from Outpost Wargame Services, or a number of other suppliers.

If you know of any other review – good or bad – please add a comment below!