Saturday, 6 October 2012

Lion Rampant: my new medieval wargame

A few days ago I posted an obscure clue about my new gaming project. No, it's not an official Chelsea boardgame (I bet there's one out there already), and no, I'm not turning my hand to a new Subbuteo variant (I like the rules fine as they are, even if my Peterborough United team play as badly as the real thing).

The clue was in the style of the cheesy old TV show Catchphrase: say what you see...

So, my new game is called Lion Rampant. Check out the big blue cat on the Chelsea badge: that was 'the clue'. It's a 'big skirmish' medieval wargame and I will post more here in due course, but here's a little bit more info for now:

* Models will be individually based. The rules can be used with 28mm and 15mm models, and of course smaller sizes if you want to base them individually or fudge the units. They could even be used with 54mm models if you have a lot more space than I do.

* Units will generally have 12 foot or 6 mounted models as a rough guide; and you'll have several units in your army (minimum 4 at the present time).

* The rules will be VERY SIMPLE. If you're after a detailed blow-by-blow skirmish game, these won't be the right rules for you. My aim is to provide a decent set of easy to learn rules allowing you to push some nice-looking knights around the tabletop: I liked The Rules According To Ral and Cry Havoc, and hope to create a game with a similar flavour.

* The rules are written to play out like a skirmish, not a rehash of big battle rules. Be prepared for some units being more/less useful than you're used to in bigger battle rules!

* I have a publisher in place and will be contacting a few globally-based playtesters in the near future. I've been hard at work on the rules over the past few months, which is one of the reasons I stopped developing Scottorum Malleus.

* Start collecting your Curtey's, Gripping Beast, Perry's, or Fireforge models (or whoever makes the models you like the most...)! The rules will cover Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Crusades, so your favourite armies should be playable. Army lists will be fairly open so collect the units you fancy, not the ones I tell you to.