Monday, 12 November 2012

Dux Bellorum's cover artist: José Daniel Cabrera Peña

When I first saw the cover art commissioned by Osprey for Dux Bellorum, I was over the moon.

My first thought - oddly enough - was: 'Wow, it's even got carrion birds flying over the battlefield!'. With hindsight, that's not what I should have focussed on...

With my Osprey editor, I'd agreed that we should avoid the Arthurian wargaming cliche of a Romano-British warlord on horseback, and we both felt that a shieldwall might make for a good composition. José's draft artwork looked very promising, and the final piece looks great. It's got a great atmosphere, and I've read a few people describing José as a McBride in the making. Praise indeed!

I think that José is going to be producing more artwork for Osprey in the future; I've seen his paintings in Medieval Warfare magazine, and know that he produces artwork for a Spanish language military magazine too.

Here is José's blog and here's a video of the Dux Bellorum cover taking shape. Take a look and you'll see that he's a very talented chap; I'm very happy to have him illustrating my game and don't think that the editors at Osprey could have chosen an artist better suited to the theme of the game.