Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Border Reivers: Further Reiving ... I mean Reading

Despite the interesting history of the border wars of the Tudor and Elizabethan periods, surprisingly little has been written about the Reivers. The following titles have been very useful in my research, yet a good scan through many more general books on the period will provide occasional accounts or other suitable information. If you buy only one book on this era, make sure that it is George McDonald Fraser’s The Steel Bonnets.

BLAIR, CLAUDE European Armour: circa 1066 to circa 1700 (1958)
BOUTELL, CHARLES Arms and Armour in Antiquity and the Middle Ages (1907, reprinted 1996)
CRUICKSHANK, CHARLES Henry VIII and the Invasion of France (1994)
CUNNINGTON, CW & CUNNINGTON, P Handbook of English Costume in the 16th Century (revised 1970)
DURHAM, KEITH & McBRIDE, ANGUS The Border Reivers: The Story of the Anglo-Scottish Borderlands (1995)
DURHAM, KEITH & McBRIDE, ANGUS  Reivers: Anglo-Scottish Border Raiders from their Origins to the End of the Sixteenth Century (1998)
FEATHERSTONE, DONALD Armies and Warfare in the Pike and Shot Era 1422-1700 (1998)
FRASER, GEORGE McDONALD The Steel Bonnets (1971)
GUEST, KEN and GUEST, DENISE English Heritage: British Battles (1996)
GUSH, GEORGE Renaissance Armies 1480-1650 (second edition 1982)
HEATH, IAN Armies of the Sixteenth Century: The armies of England, Scotland, Ireland, the United provinces, and the Spanish Netherlands 1487-1609 (1997)
NELSON, ARTHUR The Tudor Navy (2001)
PEARSON, HARRY ‘”Wha daur meddle wi’ me?” The Anglo-Scottish border Reivers’ Wargames Illustrated 27 (November 1989)
SMURTHWAITE, DAVID The Complete Guide to the Battlefields of Britain (1993)
THOMAS, PAUL Authority and Disorder in Tudor Times 1485-1603 (1999)
VUSKIC, VELIMIR and GRBASIC, ZVONIMIR Cavalry: The History of a Fighting Elite (1993)
WARD, TAM ‘Bastle houses of the Anglo-Scottish borders’ Fortress 5
WISE, TERENCE The Conquistadores (1980)