Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Border Reivers: Intro

Way back ... sometime around 2000 ... I discussed the potential for a Border Reivers game with a well-known miniatures company. We got as far as playtesting, but then the project drifted. To this day, it sits in my archive and will likely never see the light of day (I'm not going to release it at the moment, as I wouldn't have time to support it and it requires work to bring up to standard I would be happy with these days).

But maybe one day ...

Anyhow, part of the deal was to include an historical overview of the Reivers to go with the game. In case it's of any use to people, I've decide to post this information in a series of blog entries. It's nicer to get the material out and available rather than having it rather metaphorical dust in my virtual archive.

To make each blog entry digestible, I'll break the text down into chunks; there's no guarantee of fluidity in the way I'm doing this, so if you're interested in following the text, click on the 'Border Reivers' label to see all of the entries.

By way of getting started, this is from the game's introductory waffle:

The sixteenth century border of England and Scotland would not have been a pleasant place to live. Although I am sure that life could have been pleasant sometimes, the overwhelming impression left upon me by our sources is of a feuding, unlawful land – a kind of Shakespearian Mad Max meets The Sweeney, with a touch of John Wayne’s and Clint Eastwood’s Westerns thrown in for good measure.