Sunday, 16 December 2012

The shameful death of King Arthur

No, this isn't a new tabloid-style book I'm working on. Just a couple of photos of how I managed to kill King Arthur once again - I've been doing this on a regular basis across many games systems for the past three decades. I'd even go so far as to say I'm a bit of an expert in polishing off Arthur, but only when he's in my army.

This time, I didn't even manage to lose him to Mordred, evil invading Saxons, or even something impressive like a dragon. No, this time it was...

Yep, wolves. In my defence, there were four of them, and the rest of Arthur's warband just stood around watching (failing activation). And those wolves were big. Very big. And they had teeth. Nasty teeth. Lots of nasty teeth. That were sharp. Very sharp. (And nasty.)

The mighty War Duke did manage to take two of the wolves with him, but his sword Caliburn let him down in the end.

Arthur is a 28mm model sculpted by Mark Copplestone as the limited edition Salute miniature some years back (there's a kneeling Mordred model, too). The wolves are, I think, Reaper, but like most of my legendary creatures they've been trawled over the years from trips to various shops selling fantasy minis.

(Better luck next time Arthur, maybe an idiot won't be rolling dice for you.)