Monday, 28 January 2013

Dux Bellorum in Slingshot 285

Dux Bellorum is one of four Dark Ages games reviewed together in this issue of Slingshot (The Journal of the Society of Ancients). More than anything else, the fact that four new games have been released specifically for this period in 2011/12 shows what a great couple of years this has been for Dark Ages gamers.

Mark Watson reviews Dux Bellorum, Comitatus (Simon MacDowall's long-lived game which has recently been published as a great four-colour book), TFL's Dux Britanniarum, and Alex Buchel/Gripping Beast's Saga. Those of you who know me well will nod along when I say that Saga has been one of my favourite games to play over the last couple of years ... you can read a review wot I wrote here.

The Slingshot review concludes that Dux Bellorum:

... provides a good feel for slightly smaller engagements. If you were thinking of using DBA for the period then this provides a good alternative, and in action the LP mechanism makes for a good balance of fun and command and control.

The reviewer's preferred game when all is said and done is Saga, partly (he says) because he uses individually based models rather than element-based ones ... although I'd also add that its a very good game!

If you're not already a member of the SOA you can join up via their website and get your hands on the full review.

Elsewhere, Nik dropped me a line to say that he's been bitten by the Dux Bellorum bug ... his positive write up can be read here.