Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lion Rampant: looking for recruits

As I enter the later stages of testing my new medieval rules, I'd like to recruit a couple more people to help me test them out. I've had remote testers helping out for the past few months (in addition to my own group of players), but would like to add a couple of fresh pairs of eyes at this stage to ensure that we've not all overlooked something crucial. Here's a little bit more info about the game: Lion Rampant.

If that appeals to you, why not try to get involved? To help out, you will need:

  • Medieval armies! You'll need to have enough models to play a game with a few dozen individually based models per side (most people use 28mm, but any size of individually based models should be fine)
  • To play as many games as you can (without driving yourself mad) between now and late March
  • To feed back to me by email about how the rules worked (at this stage I'm not looking to tinker with the core rules, but to check they work)
  • An interest in simple rules - these aren't complex so probably won't be for everyone!
In return, I will send on a complimentary copy of the rules when they publish and will credit you in the book for your help.

If you're interested, please drop me a line by email in the next week or so (my address is over to the right), letting me know how regularly you might be able to play and what armies you have, and any previous experience of testing rules (don't be put off if you haven't). I can't promise to respond to everyone who emails me, but I'll still be pleased to hear from anyone who might be interested in getting involved.

If you read this after early February, I'm afraid you'll be too late.