Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Osprey Adventures

I've been pointed in the direction of a new website for the Osprey Adventures series, as part of which my King Arthur book publishes this July.

There's not a lot on the website yet, but eventually you should be able to order my book direct from Osprey (and from places such as Amazon and - this is my personal preference - from those lovely Olde Worlde hang outs we used to call bookshops).

What's of more interest at the present time is that there's a snippet of artwork from my book showing up on the website ... it's quite well hidden so I've uploaded it here so that you can all have a gawp. (And you can see a similar glimpse in an advert in the most recent issue of Battlegames magazine.)

Yes, there he is, King Arthur smacking a big old pig with his magic sword.

Closer to publication I hope that I'll obtain permission to show a few more images from the book as they look superb (thanks Alan!), but as this one is already online I figure there's no harm in sharing it with you. Seven new artworks have been commissioned for this book.

You can read more about the series in general in Game Trade Magazine, here.