Saturday, 5 January 2013

Song of Arthur & Merlin: Best Fantasy Rules of 2011

So there I was, sitting in a darkened room, grizzling that I don’t win stuff … and then I found out that SAM has been voted as the best fantasy wargame of 2011 by readers of The Miniatures Page (which has got to be the most visited wargaming website on the Internet).

SAM was nominated in the Best Fantasy Rules category which was defined as follows:

This must be a brand-new set of rules for use in a Fantasy setting. Defining "fantasy" is up to you. It can be a new revision, as in "2nd Edition". It can be army rules, an RPG, simple skirmish rules, etc. It can be in any scale, any level. Finally, it must have first gone on sale, anywhere in the world, in the calendar year 2011.

SAM (2nd edition) ended up with 37% of the votes, which was very nice indeed. If you voted for SAM, thank you very much: I won't let it go to my head of course (otherwise I’d also have to take to heart all of the less complimentary reviews of my stuff), but it is nice to see that there are people enjoying the games I’ve created. Much of the credit for SAM must of course go to Andrea at Ganesha Games, who designed the very solid rules system behind it.

Hopefully Dux Bellorum will make the TMP nominations for 2012, but I have no expectation that it will bother the upper end of the votes: the historical category for 2011 looked a pretty tough competition fought out between some of the big names of wargaming. Little old me will stand no chance!

Anyhow, I might just treat myself to a small glass of fizzy pop this evening. Huzzah!