Sunday, 21 April 2013

News from the Saxon Shore (Salute and Miniature Wargames actually...)

Nice new cover, eh?
My copy of the new look Miniature Wargames magazine dropped through my letterbox yesterday and rather nice it is too. Not only has the magazine been given the kiss of life by Battlegames' Henry Hyde (and what a good job he's done: nice work Henry), but it also contains the following:
  1. A superb article by Steve Jones about Dux Bellorum and a scenario pitting Roman against Roman. As you'd expect from Steve, the photos are stunning and put my own collection to shame. No, actually, they put my collection in the bin. Steve tells us that the game he played 'was just the type of brilliantly exciting game that is typically produced by Dux Bellorum' ... thanks very much Steve, by now I must definitely owe you a pint of, well pretty much any drink you want.
  2. A full page ad for the Osprey Myths & Legends series, the main image of which is from my Arthur book. 'Immerse yourself in the greatest stories ever told' apparently ... publication edges closer.
  3. Passing mention of both Song of Arthur and Merlin and Dux Bellorum by Mike Siggins, listing both as rules he uses for Dark Ages/Tolkien games (alongside Pig Wars and War of the Ring). 
  4. Notice from Henry that he's about to auction off the three books I signed for him as part of his on-going Combat Stress appeal. A set of Dux Bellorum, Legendary Warriors, and Arthur King of the Britons is up for grabs in an auction starting on 23 April 2013. Henry posts on the main gaming forums when an auction goes up, so if you're interested keep your eyes peeled.
It's still rather odd for this small boy - who used to stand in Martin's The Newsagent debating whether to spend his pocket money on Miniature Wargames, Wargames Illustrated, or White Dwarf - to read about his own stuff in said magazine. Especially when the comments are positive.

In addition, there's an article about Dux Britanniarum, a review of Professor Guy 'Professor Guy Halsall' Halsall's Arthur book, and a review of Comitatus, so all in all it's a good buy for Dark Ages gamers. We've come a long way from when I first started writing about the period in the mid 1990s!

Elsewhere, the huge gaming show Salute took place in London yesterday. I couldn't make it up there, which sadly means that I missed the spectacle of two big games of Dux Bellorum. James, Steve, Andy, Andy, Tom, Paul, and John gathered their beautifully painted armies and put on quite some show. By all accounts it was a pair of cracking display games ... and what's more they won the award for Best Painting. And if you've been to Salute before, you'll know exactly how tough the competition is. Well done chaps, and thanks for showing that my game doesn't have to look like DBA! 

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