Thursday, 23 May 2013

King Arthur invades Sussex!

By which I mean that the first advance copy of  "Osprey Adventures Myths & Legends 4: King Arthur" dropped through my letterbox. The book doesn't publish until mid July, but a few copies get shipped in by airmail ahead of the bulk delivery from the printer.

I'm very pleased with this book; if you've seen any of the other Myths & Legends titles you'll know what to expect: 80 pages in the usual Osprey format, plenty of good images drawn from a variety of sources, and some superb new artwork based on the text. My King Arthur book has seven colour plates painted by Alan Lathwell, and you can see snippets of some of them here on my blog.

For now, I'll just post a couple of hastily snapped pages from the book.

The first is one of my favourite images of Arthur, looking especially grumpy on account of his impending death (!). The other shows the breadth of material covered: a list of Arthurian-themed games including a nice photo of the cover of Shadows Over Camelot, one of the better Arthurian boardgames on the market. The shots are a bit dark but that's my photography skills as opposed to any problems with the printing.

Tonight, celebratory curry shall be ordered!