Thursday, 9 May 2013

Song of Arthur and Merlin campaign ... and Dux Bellorum month!

How small are those models?!?
Photo from Nic's blog.
Over at the Irregular Wars blog, Nic has been beavering away with his Song of Arthur and Merlin campaign. His photos and write ups are great, as we've come to expect, but two things strike me:

Firstly, yep, those are 10mm models (mostly Pendraken with some Magister Militum if I remember correctly). Secondly, Nic is playing with 600 point warbands with no problem ... this ups the scale of SAM a little, and allows you to play larger skirmishes. Superb stuff.

Elsewhere, over at the Bleaseworld blog, Dux Bellorum month has been declared open for May ... read all about it here. (I'm hoping to see some good photos of the Westwind Irish, which I've still not seen in any real detail.) I think this is the first time any of my games have had a whole month devoted to them ... especially a month with 31 days (which is of course better than a 30 day month!).