Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lion Rampant photo shoot: behind the scenes

week or so ago, I took the short trip over to The Ever Genial Henry Hyde's studio* as he'd kindly offered to help out with a few photos for Lion Rampant.

You'll see those in due course, when the book publishes in a year or so (sorry for the wait!) ... but I realised that the 'discard pile' of models that had already starred in their photos looked pretty much like a medieval battle in it's own right. So I snapped a photo on my mobile phone and thought I'd pop it up here.

It's not a carefully posed shot, but I guess a wargamer lays out his models in a certain way without thinking... and should you be interested the models are a mixture of Crusader Miniatures, Curtey's, and Foundry (originally Citadel).

* Birthplace of each and every issue of Miniature Wargames/Battlegames.