Friday, 16 August 2013

King Arthur 49p on Amazon Kindle

Cheap as chips, roll up, roll up.
I noticed that Amazon in the UK are selling my King Arthur book in Kindle format for 49p at the moment. I have no idea how long this promo will last for, but if you're an ebook kind of person, you can grab yourself a bargain...

Cheaper than a pint of milk

I've not checked to see if equivalent offers exist on non-UK Amazon sites.

I dread the think what my royalty will be on a 49p book ... under 1p I should guess. If at least 90 people buy it, I reckon I can treat myself to a Mars bar :-)

(If you do take this offer up, please consider adding a review on Amazon ... There are no UK reviews yet and the most prominent US review likens my work to a police report! Possibly my best review yet!)