Thursday, 19 September 2013

Miniature Wargames 366: Zulus, but not really 1000s of them (for once)

Image from Henry
Hyde's blog

I’m back again in the latest edition of Miniature Wargames/Battlegames: MW366. This time, I’m on a very slowly-rotating colonial roll following on from a Sudan article I wrote a few years back for Battlegames. 

The scenario published in this issue has gone down well with everyone who has played it to date, although I have been subjected to some long, hard stares part way through the game. Even by Henry. Just this week, I was playing the 1980s WW2 boardgame Desert Steel and my chum mentioned that ‘I might as well bring the Zulus out’ in a rather too bitter tone bearing in mind we played this Zulu scenario about 6 years ago now. You’ll have to read the scenario to understand why he still feels the pain.

My 28mm colonial figures are now sadly gone (I wrote this article some time ago); I had grand plans to play in 10mm as my table just wasn’t big enough for the games I wanted to play with 28mm figures, but then saw the Blue Moon colonials and have decided to hang fire until I see how that range develops. That said, I rather like Henry's 20mm Newline figures that accompany the article. But I do miss both the Perries and Redoubt figures I’d collected … especially the Redoubt Zulu kneeling firing, wearing a stolen red tunic.

Anyhow, there you go: rush out and support Henry by buying his mag.