Sunday, 1 September 2013

Right place, right time: Lancaster over Worthing

Apologies for the quality of this shot: I was on the way to the corner shop for a little Sunday treat, heard the sound, looked up, and caught this on my iphone. Two things stand out:

1) The block on flats to the left is the site of the building where Oscar Wilde wrote 'The Importance of Being Earnest'.

2) There's a Lancaster bomber flying VERY low over the flats.

I bet I know which is of more interest.

The Lancaster was off to a local airshow and was accompanied by a Hurricane. No Spitfire so far as I could see. As I live by the beach, a lot of aircraft waiting for their time slot circle very low over the coast. In the past few years I've been treated to a Vulcan Bomber (awe inspiring and terrifying in equal measure), Flying Fortress, tip-to-tip Spitfire and Mustang lower than the Lancaster flies in this shot, and all sorts of other stuff.

A Lancaster over Worthing is always poignant:

Story of PB355