Sunday, 13 October 2013

Song of Arthur and Merlin warbands

A couple of older photos of my SAM Welsh King figures. Eagle-eyed readers will spot that these are actually 28mm Games Workshop/Lord of the Rings miniatures. These are Barbarian Warriors, Huntsmen, Beserker, and Chieftain. They made a guest appearance in Battlegames magazine a few years back, to illustrate an article I'd written about Arthurian wargaming.
The style of these Lord of the Rings figures, plus the top class sculpting, really made them stand out as figures suitable for a legendary version of early medieval Wales. The Britons come from Rohan, my Saxons are Dunlendings, and the bear is a Copplestone Casting.

Tagged on at the end is a photo of my Gripping Beast Welsh. Not the greatest photo ever taken, but I liked the composition and the caption 'even the sheep were expectant' still makes me smile. These are superb figures, and even I managed to paint them without screwing up too badly. This warband consists of a decent hero and some cheerleaders. It wasn't very dangerous (not enough big hitters), but consisted of: Gwalchmai, Taliesin, Myddrin, a Saint, a Lesser Druid, and Bedwyr.