Saturday, 28 December 2013

Dux Bellorum in WSS 70

I've not seen a copy of the mag yet, but the latest Wargames Soldiers & Strategy has an article by Allen E Curtis, who has adapted Dux Bellorum for the Macedonian era: Theme: Allen E. Curtis, 'Adapting Dux Bellorum for Ancients - Strategos Machon'. In the history of wargaming, the trend in ancient-period rules has generally been towards complexity rather than simplicity, with details of weapons and armour rather than aggregation of capabilities. Perhaps those who have played Shock of Impact and survived will know whereof I speak! But every now and then, a set of rules comes along that surprises us with its elegant simplicity, and reminds us that games should resemble some aspects of ancient warfare, rather than recreating a precise, accurate simulation of ancient combat. I'll be picking up a copy when I next waddle into town.