Thursday, 12 December 2013

Miniature Wargames 369: The Return of Cadwallon

Photo from Henry's blog
Top Fellow Henry Hyde has shared the latest contents list for MW 369, the January 2014 issue. Included in this issue is my article about the Battle of Heavenfield and some ideas for spicing it up as a scenario. Here’s what Henry (very kindly) says:

Knock, knock, knocking on Heavenfield’s door shows Dark Age specialist Dan Mersey at his best, proving that you can overcome the curse of this period and construct a game based on little or no evidence at all! As well as an excellent battle covering the death of Cadwallon in 634, Dan also provides extra fun in the form of a pre-battle game.

“Hang on,” you will most certainly exclaim, “this is about the death of Cadwallon but you’re banging on about his return? What are you on about this time, y’eejit?” Well, one of my first published magazine articles was about said chap, published way back in Wargames Illustrated in 1996 or so (not sure about the issue number, definitely in the low 100s). So it is a return for me, at least. The outcome is still the same: he still dies. So relax once more.

The rest of the mag looks to be of the usual high standard, so watch out for in on the shelves just before Christmas. You can read more here.