Thursday, 13 February 2014

King Arthur reviewed at Fantasy Literature

From the limited examples I've seen so far (pretty much exclusively on and .com), King Arthur has received mixed reviews.

Some reviewers like the book (great!), others note that it is too short a book to really dig deep on Arthur (I've seen that written about a fair few Osprey books over the years … the curse of the short format!). And then there's the chap who likens my writing style to a police report :-)

Anyway, the review shown below was pointed out to me online, and I think/hope it provides a fair summary, as it sort of pulls in both strands of argument noted above. Nothing on police reports though.

Check it out at Fantasy Literature: here.

Finally, if you've read any of my books, Amazon reviews are always welcomed! Good or bad, the more people who review the books the more everyone else gets a balanced overall view. Cheers!