Sunday, 23 February 2014

Superb 28mm Arthur

From the Musketeer website
I've been waiting for this figure to come out for a while … simply the best post-Roman British leader I've seen and I can't wait for mine to arrive in the post.

For me, it's evocative of the Richard Scollins painting that I've raved on about before (and therefore a good reason to post his painting again at the end of this post), that plays a significant role in my interest in the Arthurian period.

The model is by Musketeer Miniatures, and the painted example comes from their website; I wish I could paint like that but not a chance!

I'm thinking I might produce a new Song of Arthur and Merlin warband to use these figures (plus some of their other mounted warriors and a few of the late Roman infantry with cloaks on). And also possibly sneak them in alongside my Gripping Beast Welsh to give that army some much needed clout in a variety of games.

Please give the chaps at Gripping Beast (who sort out Musketeer's orders) a couple of days to process my order and then order your own from here. I don't want you delaying my delivery ;-)