Thursday, 20 March 2014

Curtey's and Crusader medievals for Lion Rampant

Here are a few close ups of models from my Lion Rampant armies: the full sized units appear in many photos in the rulebook. The archers and crossbowmen are Curtey's and the spearmen are Crusader: they mix nicely on the table and I am quite happy for my armies to include both mixed together. 

In Lion Rampant, these units are all composed of 12 models at the start of the game. Spearman are the jack of all trades: decent on the defensive and willing to get stuck in when required. Archers shoot faster than crossbowmen, but with less accuracy ... and neither wants to get pulled into close combat.

These were painted by Matt at Glenbrook Games some time back (he also took the photos); check out his work and send him some figures to paint for you: here. He's definitely on my 'recommended' list.