Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Rate me?

As many of you already know, I spend a fair bit of time over at the wonderful Boardgamegeek, watching out for new games to spend my hard-earned cash on, and trying to answer questions that come up about my games. It's one of my favourite hang outs on the internet.

Now, two of my games are pushing close(ish) to receiving enough ratings to qualify for an official boardgame ranking (they need 30 ratings each). What will that get me? Nothing, except for a slight kick out of finally having a game with an official ranking!

Anyway, if you have played Dux Bellorum or Song Of Arthur And Merlin, and would be kind enough to pop by and rate them, I'd be most grateful. What I don't want is for people to give an artificially high score ... please rate them as a 1 if you don't like them ... or for people to give a score without having played the game. I'm just hoping for some more, honest ratings for my games. Boardgamegeek is all about user feedback, so if you give ratings for my games why not do the same for other games too? That way, you'll helping other enthusiasts to decide what to try or find out more about.

If you fancy it, you can find the games here:

Dux Bellorum
Song Of Arthur And Merlin

You'll need a BBG username and password, but I'd say it's worth signing up and spending more of you time there if you like boardgames :-) And if both games make it to having an official rank, I'll rustle up some sort of competition to say thanks.


UPDATE: Just a quick thanks to the people who rated Dux Bellorum, which now has the minimum 30 votes (Board Game Rank: 4746War Game Rank: 1073). Still working on SAM!