Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lion Rampant: Unit types and building your army

There are 11 different troop types in Lion Rampant, shown below. Most troop types have a choice of upgrades or downgrades to tailor them to your chosen army. 

A common upgrade is ‘Expert’, meaning that your unit will be better than normal but cost more points; this can be used to represent longbowmen instead of ordinary archers, for example, or Serjeants equipped with two-handed weapons. Your interpretation of ‘Expert’ and other upgrades can be pretty fluid, allowing you to build the army you want.

Here are those 11 troop types; a standard sized army is made up of 24 points, so you can start building your own army lists using this info:

  • Mounted Men-at-Arms @ 6 points per unit
  • Mounted Serjeants @ 4 points per unit
  • Mounted Yeomen @ 4 points per unit
  • Foot Men-at-Arms @ 6 points per unit
  • Foot Serjeants @ 4 points per unit
  • Fierce Foot @ 4 points per unit
  • Foot Yeomen @ 3 points per unit
  • Serfs @ 1 point per unit
  • Archers @ 4 points per unit
  • Crossbowmen @ 4 points per unit
  • Bidowers @ 2 points per unit

Don't be alarmed by the unit names; I've chosen these to give a feel for the period, but of course they're just stylised ways of describing light cavalry, knights, skirmishers, medium infantry, and so on. 

As mentioned above, an army usually consists of 24 points of units, with the following rules to bear in mind:

  • No more than four units or 12 points of any unit type (whichever is lower).
  • 1 Leader model that is an integral part of one unit and may not join other units.